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Central Alabama CrimeStoppers encourages members of the community to assist local law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime by overcoming the two key elements that inhibit community involvement:






Who is CrimeStoppers?


CrimeStoppers is a nonprofit organization that brings together law enforcement, media, and the community to stop, solve, and prevent crime. 



They committed the crime.

YOU helped put them away!

Statistics from 1997-2021:

7,853 charges filed

2,724 fugitives apprehended. 

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Central Alabama CrimeStoppers will partner with the City of Montgomery during the week of August 15-20, for the Mayors Stopping Crime Week of Action. Central Alabama Crimestoppers encourages citizens to participate in the week’s activities and join the national effort to stand against crime and violence.

Social Media Cold Case Initiative

Central Alabama CrimeStoppers will present a cold case each day during the week of August 15-20, on their official Facebook page. CrimeStoppers will offer up to a $5,000.00 cash reward for information that helps solve any of the presented cold cases.

2021 Officer of the Year Award (Montgomery)

Central Alabama CrimeStoppers will recognize thirty-two members of the U.S. Marshall Task Force, to include two Montgomery members, Corporal David Hill and Sergeant Michael Mashburn. The Task Force will be presented with the 2021 CrimeStoppers Officer of the Year Award.

Central Alabama CrimeStoppers Hispanic Community Pilot Program

In an effort to build a relationship and assist the Hispanic community with English language barriers, CrimeStoppers will launch a new initiative, the Central Alabama CrimeStoppers Hispanic Community Pilot Program. The program will provide Spanish translators during CrimeStoppers sponsored community events and Hispanic social media content that will establish communication efforts that will encourage a partnership designed to help report and reduce crime.







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