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Central Alabama CrimeStoppers encourages members of the community to assist local law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime by overcoming the two key elements that inhibit community involvement:






Who is CrimeStoppers?


CrimeStoppers is a nonprofit organization that brings together law enforcement, media, and the community to stop, solve, and prevent crime. 



They committed the crime.

YOU helped put them away!

Statistics from 1997-2023:

10,687 charges filed

3,146 fugitives were apprehended

$276,764.00 total rewards offered

15,542 anonymous tips received

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CrimeStoppers is a nonprofit organization that depends on donations in order to carry out its mission. Thanks to our sponsors and donors, during the year of 2023 we helped place 190 fugitives behind bars, paid out $47,920.00 in cash rewards, received 1,325 anonymous tips, assisted with the apprehension of 28 fugitives wanted for murder, cleared 353 cases, assisted with locating 55 missing people and recovered 196 firearms.

Our success for 2023 speaks volumes to the support we have from law enforcement, the media, and most importantly the public. When we all come together and work as one for the betterment of our communities, great things can happen.

If you would like to donate to our mission, your contribution is greatly appreciated. Private donations can be made online via our official website here at www.215stop.com.



Central Alabama CrimeStoppers is pleased to announce our annual Splash a Cop, Deputy, or News Reporter Fundraiser was a tremendous success.


In conjunction with the Autauga County Sheriff’s Office, CrimeStoppers hosted the annual fundraiser, on Saturday, May 11, 2024, at Prattville City Fest. The fundraiser was held from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


The Splash a Cop, Deputy, or News Reporter Fundraiser provided a unique way for our local law enforcement and media partners to engage their local community.

Prattville City Fest featured many vendors, activities, food trucks, and a day of family fun. Festivalgoers had the opportunity to make a cash donation of $5.00 to Central Alabama CrimeStoppers, each donor received three balls having the opportunity to splash local law enforcement officers and members of the local media.

CrimeStoppers would like to thank the public for their continued support and for those who donated to CrimeStoppers during this special event and fundraiser.

Thank you, Autauga County Sheriff's Office for making this fundraiser possible and donating your time and deputies to help our cause. We appreciate the officers from the Prattville Police Department for volunteering their time as well.

Sheriff Mark Harrell, thank you for making this all possible. We appreciate your time and dedication to your community. Most importantly, thanks for getting soaked on our behalf.

Thank you, WAKA and WSFA for being a part of this event. Thank you, Estee Morrison of WAKA and Amanda Curran of WSFA, for sitting in the splash seat.


We would also like to thank event sponsors, Autauga County, The City of Prattville, WSFA, Law Offices of Bradley Ekdahl, Law Office of Steven Perdue, Hawthrone Atchison Riddle Law Office, and Carol Cook Carter Law Office.

CrimeStoppers is a nonprofit organization that brings together law enforcement, media, and the community to stop, solve, and prevent crime. As a result of these successful partnerships, in 2023, CrimeStoppers received 1,325 tips and paid out $47,920.00 to 59 anonymous tipsters who provided information that led to 190 arrests and 681 felony criminal charges. Along with these impressive numbers, law enforcement partners recovered $254,490.00 of stolen property and took $18,650.00 worth of illegal drugs off Alabama streets.

Funds raised will support our existing web-based and telephone crime reporting system, our P3 Tip Management System for Law Enforcement, our expansion to new communities, our reward program, and our school resource officer and law enforcement training programs. Donations can also be made through our website, www.215stop.com.


Central Alabama CrimeStoppers Executive Director Elected to the Board of Directors for Southeastern Crime Stoppers Association


Central Alabama CrimeStoppers is pleased to announce its involvement with the Southeastern Crime Stoppers Association.


Central Alabama CrimeStoppers has stayed on a path of success since its inception in 1997. Beginning with a simple mission to place Montgomery area fugitives behind bars and help identify suspects involved in unsolved felony investigations, to now have a footprint in all 67 Alabama counties and partnering with 117 law enforcement agencies across the state of Alabama. This steady growth has allowed CrimeStoppers to stand out and as a result, the staff of Central Alabama CrimeStoppers were invited to provide a presentation at the 2024 Southeastern Crime Stoppers Association Conference held April 14th – 18th.


The presentation was a tremendous success and was well received by attendees representing Crime Stoppers programs from approximately fifteen southeastern states.

Following the presentation, Central Alabama CrimeStoppers Executive Director, Tony Garrett, was nominated and elected to the Southeastern Crime Stoppers Association Board of Directors. Garrett was sworn in on April 18, 2024, and is now officially serving on the board.

Garrett will be responsible for helping provide support and guidance for other Crime Stoppers programs.


2023 was an exceptional year for Central Alabama CrimeStoppers, from being nominated and receiving the 2022 Southeastern CrimeStoppers Association Productivity Award and receiving a proclamation from Montgomery Mayor, Steven Reed, declaring June 6, as Central Alabama CrimeStoppers Day. 2024 appears to be shaping into yet another year to remember for the program.


Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed Declares June 6 as Central Alabama CrimeStoppers Day


Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed declares June 6 as Central Alabama CrimeStoppers Day.


On Tuesday, June 6, 2023, the staff of Central Alabama CrimeStoppers was invited to attend the City of Montgomery City Council Meeting. While at the meeting, Mayor Reed spoke about the successful partnership the City of Montgomery and Central Alabama CrimeStoppers have had this year and for the existence of the partnership.



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