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Central Alabama CrimeStoppers began in May of 1997 from the efforts of WSFA Reporter Beth Jett and Montgomery Law Enforcement Officer Tony A. Garrett.  Montgomery Police Chief John Wilson listened to their requests to start a Crime Stoppers program for the  City of Montgomery.  A couple of weeks later, Chief Wilson authorized Beth Jett to organize private citizens to develop a volunteer Board and Officer Garrett to develop guidelines. Our Program now operates as an independent organization. The concept has developed into a combination of efforts by local media, businesses, civic and social clubs, law enforcement agencies, and the public. Donations of airtime, newspaper space, social media, and reward monies have established CrimeStoppers as an effective tool to fight crime in the Alabama River Region. Central Alabama CrimeStoppers pays honor to our founding Board Members who put the program together and started us on our way.


Chairman and President - Ty Fondren                                                Co-Chairman and Vice President - Dennis Bodine

Secretary - Rhea Kirk                                                                               Treasurer - Jerry Spencer

WSFA CrimeStopper Reporter - Beth Jett                                             Program Coordinator - Officer Tony A. Garrett   

Board of Directors       

Gayle Atchison                     Claire H. Austin                    Kim Brown                    Tony Burks                    Paul Cooper                    Hobson Cox

Larry Fidel                             Bart Fletcher                         Jerry Grant                    Jim B. Grant Jr.              Carla Hammonds          Roy Houlton                   

Darlene Hutchinson            Emily A. Landers                  Rick McBride                 Tim Nix                           Miriam Shehane            Bill Taylor

Mary A. Thornton                Chris Weller

2019 - 2020 Board Members

CrimeStoppers is comprised of diverse, active and dedicated community representatives. Board members are the governing body of CrimeStoppers. They are responsible for making sure bylaws are adhered to, raising funds, voting on reward requests, and promoting the program. if you would like to make a difference, Ask how to be a Board Member.

Email Executive Director Tony A. Garrett: TonyGarrett@215STOP.com


  • Must be 21 years of age
  • Must attend Board meeting held last Wednesday of each month (Excused Absence Excepted)
  • 3 year commitment  
  • Participate in Board activities & fund raising

Current Roster:

Paul McTear      President, Pike County
Megan Campbell      Vice President, Montgomery County
Vivian Crosby      Secretary, Elmore County
Wendy Anderson      Treasurer, Elmore County
Ret. Trooper Lieutenant Karl Wade      Past President, Autauga County
Mike Henderson      Board Member, Autauga County
Shelia Crews      Board Member, Montgomery County
Frank Winkler      Board Member, Montgomery County
Moses Harper      Board Member, Montgomery County
Deputy Alton Knight      Board Member, Montgomery County Sheriff's Office
Chief Warden Larry Nixon      Board Member, Autauga County Sheriff's Office
Barbara Mclaurine      Board Member, Bullock County
David Schloss      Board Member, Montgomery
Ferderdar Fannin      Board Member
Otis Ransaw      Board Member
Courtney Woodfaulk      Board Member, Bullock County
Benny Seawright      Board Member
Avril Harris      Board Member
Lynn Sutton      Board Member, Autauga County Sheriff's Office
Ret. MPD Lieutenant Tony Garrett      Executive Director
Ret. PPD Lieutenant Devoski Ray Wagner      Director of Law Enforcement Relations
Ret. MPD Sergeant David Hicks      Director of Operations
Patrice "Penne" McClammy      Legal Advisor, Attorney-At-Law, LLC
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